I'm Erik Mazzone, the publisher of Law Practice Matters, and a law practice management advisor. Law Practice Matters is where I share information and advice on law firm start up, marketing, technology, and management.

Before I started consulting on law practice management, I practiced law for ten years. After graduating from Boston College Law School, I worked in the litigation departments of two large law firms in Boston and Raleigh. After three years, I transitioned to a fast growing boutique firm where I eventually was promoted to managing partner. I learned more, faster during those stressful years than I ever had before. Much of it through the hard crucible of making mistakes.

Law Practice Consulting

In 2006, I left my friends and partners at the firm and opened a solo consultancy called Law Practice Matters. That's when I began the first iteration of this blog. I didn't grow up in a entrepreneurial tradition (I come from a family of teachers) and starting that consulting company was my first experience starting something from whole cloth. 

Like a lot of lawyers starting practices, I knew I knew how to do something valuable and I just sort of assumed clients would recognize that and show up to seek my wisdom. The reality worked out a bit different than that.

I learned, first-hand, the terrifying silence of a phone that doesn't ring, the expense of building a first website when I didn't know what I wanted, and the personal challenge of forcing myself to network. It was humbling and was in many respects the hardest work I've ever done.

It gave me an appreciation for the importance of marketing and the unique combination of excitement and fear that comes from starting a venture from scratch. I wouldn't trade that experience for anything, but the early going was really tough.

North Carolina Bar Association

In 2008, I got the amazing opportunity to serve as the practice management advisor for the 18,000 member North Carolina Bar Association. I started the NCBA's Center for Practice Management and have been at work on it since. I still work at the NCBA, but the things I write on this website are my thoughts and opinions, not my employer's.

During my time with the NCBA,  I've had the opportunity to work with hundreds of lawyers across the state on law firm start up and wind down, on marketing and technology, on social media and financial management. It has been, and continues to be, an incredible learning experience.

I've written on practice management  for several excellent publications, including TechnoLawyer, Law Practice Today, Law Practice Magazine, North Carolina Lawyer, North Carolina State Bar Journal, and other publications. I've spoken on legal technology at many CLE programs around the country, including many years at the ABA TECHSHOW. 


If you want to contact me about writing something or speaking at an event, you can reach me at emazzone at gmail dot com.