Which Size iPhone 6 Will You Get?

For months now, the rumor mill that churns ahead of an Apple product announcement has been abuzz with stories about the forthcoming iPhone 6. After months speculation, most of the rumors and predictions have settled around some common points:

  • the iPhone 6 is expected to launch in September, probably September 19
  • it is likely to be a larger form factor than the current 4" screen
  • there are expected to be two models, a 4.7" screen and a 5.5" screen
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What to Do Before You Leave Your Law Firm

Leaving a law firm, particularly as a partner, can feel a lot like a divorce. There are logistical, financial and ethical issues at play that can cause all kinds of chaos in the professional lives of both the departing lawyer and those remaining at the firm. All that plays out against a backdrop of emotional upheaval and change.

My friends, Jim Calloway and Sharon Nelson, hosts of the Digital Edge podcast, tackled this issue in the excellent recent episode, When Lawyers Get Divorced: Ethically Breaking up a Law Firm

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4 Questions with NetDocuments' Marriott Murdock

Cloud-based document management software company (and NCBA discount partnerNetDocuments made big news in the legal tech world this week when they announced they had received a $25 million equity investment. I had the opportunity to chat with Marriott Murdock (@MarriottMurdock), NetDocuments' Marketing Director, about what this equity investment will mean to lawyers who use, or are thinking about using NetDocuments.

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Why Your Firm Should Begin Tracking Client Satisfaction Today

If you've ever taught someone to drive, one of the most striking things you may have noticed is the penchant of new drivers to look at the road directly in front of the car. First time drivers have to be taught that cars move fast, so the safest thing to do is to look a middle distance down the road in front of you.

Similarly, in managing a law firm, a lot of lawyers will default to tracking revenues and expenses. These are, obviously, critical measures for the health of the firm, but they are essentially too close to the front of the car to be all you look at. If you want to know what happened with the business end of your practice yesterday, track your revenues and expenses. If you want to know what's going to happen tomorrow, track your client satisfaction.

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